Interview – Jade McGlynn

E-International Relations • Dec 3 2023 • Features

Jade McGlynn discusses the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the prominent use of memory politics and propaganda in Russia’s wartime strategy.

Interview – Caroline de Gruyter

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2021 • Features

Caroline de Gruyter talks about the relationship between Europe and the Hapsburg Empire, the EU’s role in contemporary international politics, and the image of the EU in the media today.

Britannia Unchanged Post-Brexit

Ariel Shangguan • May 16 2021 • Articles

From times of empire to the current Brexit fiasco, it has been the lower parts of society that pay for the mistakes of the elites – and yet it is also the latter who make history.

Opinion – Brexit and the Continued Troubles in Northern Ireland

Alexander Brotman • Apr 20 2021 • Articles

The ultimate casualty of Brexit, witnessed so vividly in Northern Ireland, is the breakdown of community relations and the reinforcement of identity barriers, and thus segregation.

Queer(y)ing Brexit: Sexuality and the Shifting Nature of Remainer and Leaver Worldviews

Jack Lindsay • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

Remain and Leave supporters have utilised discourses of sexuality to rarefy the Remain-Leave binary antagonism in the UK.

Lingering Effects of the UK’s Brexit Role Change

Juliet Kaarbo, Ryan Beasley and Kai Oppermann • Mar 10 2021 • Articles

While the UK has been casting for multiple roles (such as Global Britain), some of these roles are in conflict with each other and many international actors have rejected them.

China’s Political Economy and the UK Post-Brexit

Kerry Brown • Feb 2 2021 • Articles

Never before has the difference between British and Chinese economic and geopolitical power been so great. Britain has more independence post-Brexit, but is also more exposed.

The UK’s Global Role Post-Brexit: What is Worth Researching?

Patrick Holden • Jan 28 2021 • Articles

Britain has been damaged by Brexit, but this could be overcome with time and the UK may prove to be a fascinating case study of the usefulness (or not) of the soft power concept.

In Search of British Exceptionalism Post-Brexit

Srdjan Vucetic • Dec 22 2020 • Articles

The UK’s political leaders are ultimately interested in the idea and practice of global influence. We should expect to see more of this even in the trying months ahead.

Opinion – The UK’s Complicated and Contradictory COVID-19 Moment

Alexander Brotman • Dec 13 2020 • Articles

The economic recovery and global governance framework that emerges from COVID-19 will test Britain’s clout and global outlook beyond Brexit.

Brexit, Hong Kong and the Arab Spring: Voices of the People

Jeffrey Haynes • Oct 31 2020 • Articles

Demands for change, whether on the streets or via the ballot box, underline how people living in both democratic and non-democratic states want more from those in power.

A Recessional Power: How Britain’s Claim to Be a Great Power Has Been Fatally Undercut

Chris Ogden • Oct 12 2020 • Articles

As other countries rise, Britain’s downward trajectory will only deepen and in time will mark a relegation from the ranks of the great powers.

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