Author profile: Ananya Sharma

Ananya Sharma is currently an Assistant Professor of International Relations (IR) at the Department of International Relations, Ashoka University. Her work is transdisciplinary and the principal areas of academic focus include disciplinary histories of International Relations, historical sociology and implications of popular culture in global politics.

Review – The Justification of War and International Order

Ananya Sharma • Nov 17 2023 • Features

This edited collection explores the evolving justifications of war on the international stage, but does not engage with newer factors such as the use of social media.

Spectacular Violence: Pellet Guns and the Sovereign Right to Maim in Kashmir

Ananya Sharma • Feb 11 2022 • Articles

Perspectives of violence, visuality and disability help reveal ways of seeing in Kasmir and how the blinded body serves both as a sight and site of politics.

Necropolitics and the Precarious Lives of Rohingya Refugees in India

Ananya Sharma • Aug 5 2020 • Articles

The ‘neglected spaces’ where people are destined to suffer indignity and harm are ‘socially sanctioned’ projects of dehumanization.

Review – Routledge Handbook of Postcolonial Politics

Ananya Sharma • Jun 18 2019 • Features

This handbook challenges the disciplinary fortress of IR and opens up a world of investigatory possibilities by equating post-colonial politics with global politics.

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