Author profile: Farhang Faraydoon Namdar

Farhang Faraydoon Namdar is a researcher and journalist covering the Middle East. His work has been published in E-International Relations, The National Interest, and Middle East Monitor, among various other outlets. His works have been translated into over ten languages. He is currently a Teaching Assistant at Missouri State University in the Department of Political Science and Philosophy.

Iraqi Kurdistan and the Failure of Capitalizing Kurdish-Israeli Relations

Farhang Faraydoon Namdar • Dec 11 2023 • Articles

While Kurdish-Israeli relations have benefited the Bashuris, internal divisions have hindered them from fully capitalizing on such ties.

Opinion – Could the Sino-Iranian Agreement Weaken US Hegemony?

Farhang Faraydoon Namdar • May 17 2021 • Articles

The Sino-Iranian agreement will help to bypass U.S. global economic power and increase Iranian economic efforts.

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