Tech-Diplomacy: High-Tech Driven Rhetoric to Shape National Reputation

Itzhak Mashiah • Dec 16 2023 • Articles

High-tech and innovation rhetoric is pivotal in international discourse, illuminating how nations need to strategically leverage these themes for diplomatic purposes.

Gaza First: The Centrality of Gaza in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution

David J. Wilcox • Oct 31 2023 • Articles

The Gaza Strip has always been central to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and any political resolution to the Gaza Strip cannot deal with Gaza only.

Review – ‘Fragile States’ in an Unequal World

Babatunde Obamamoye • Jul 23 2023 • Features

Despite the title, the book’s central theme focuses on narratives of state fragility, achieved through an innovative use of stories from those involved with the g7+.

Opinion – Energy Security: Moldova’s Quest for New Suppliers

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Dec 12 2022 • Articles

Moldova is steering towards a new energy security strategy, but its effectiveness will depend on the management of short and long-term political concerns.

Lula Is Back on the International Stage, or Is He?

Luis Schenoni and Thales Carvalho • Dec 5 2022 • Articles

Lula will bring back the traditions Brazil has cultivated since democratization, but its foreign policy will not be quite so ambitious as in the past.

Interview – Shyam Saran

E-International Relations • Sep 7 2022 • Features

Shyam Saran reflects on the concept of “wolf-warrior diplomacy”, its impact on Sino-Indian relations, and broader differences between Asia and the West regarding perspectives on the world order.

The Mindful Diplomat: How Can Mindfulness Improve Diplomacy?

Terhi Bunders • Sep 2 2022 • Articles

Practising mindfulness helps us to really be present in the country we reside in. Not the previous one, not the next one, but this one.

Review Feature – New Perspectives on Diplomacy

Kristin Anabel Eggeling • Jul 9 2022 • Features

The two books in this feature provide complementary accounts of the theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary diplomacy.

Can Sport Mega-events Clean a Dirty State Image?

Sigmund Loland • Dec 7 2021 • Articles

Managed by responsible organizations sporting mega-events can become a true detergent in the fight against the dark spots of repression and human rights violations.

Interview – Tom Fletcher

E-International Relations • Nov 29 2021 • Features

Tom Fletcher discusses his diplomatic career, British foreign policy, state-building, and how political polarisation, technology and the pandemic challenge and alter diplomacy.

Review – International Relations, Music and Diplomacy

M.I. Franklin • Aug 5 2021 • Features

This volume contributes to explorations of the scholarly intertwining of inquiries into the performing arts, (popular) culture, and IR as conjoined fields of study.

Review – Singapore Is Not An Island

Benjamin Tze Ern Ho • Jun 17 2021 • Features

Veteran diplomat Bilahari Kausikan explores the foreign policy dynamics of the island city-state of Singapore, including how it creates and maintains relevance in the region and beyond.

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