Climate Change

Donald Trump and Climate Denial

Raul Pacheco-Vega • Dec 4 2023 • Student Features

Trump manifested an environmental sceptic’s view, meaning that he did not seem to believe that climate change was worth his attention, or his state’s actions.

Greta Thunberg and Climate Activism

Carmen Gebhard • Nov 26 2023 • Student Features

Greta Thunberg’s example is a testament to the impact one person’s voice can have in the vastness of the global system.

Opinion – The World Bank’s Comprehensive Climate-Centric Transformation

Rizwan Basir • Jul 30 2023 • Articles

The World Bank faces mounting pressure to prioritize climate change as its new overarching mission, which will require significant adjustments to its investments and orientation.

Interview – Max Koffi

E-International Relations • Jul 30 2023 • Features

Max Koffi explains the aims of the Equal Trade Alliance and how the redesign of trade relations could reduce poverty and the impact of climate change on Africa.

The Complex Dance of US-China Climate Cooperation

Noman Ur Rashid • Jul 24 2023 • Articles

The question looms large of whether the US and China can lead on tacking climate change while also navigating the geopolitical tensions caused by their geopolitical rivalry.

Opinion – The Need for Regional Solutions to Address Climate Change in South Asia

Bilal Ahmad Tantray • Jul 19 2023 • Articles

SAARC made many promises when it came into existence 38 years ago and yet seems to be in no position to deliver on the most pressing issues.

Reflecting on a Career Researching Climate Change and Security in North Korea

Benjamin Habib • Apr 6 2023 • Articles

In the Anthropocene, all politics is climate change politics – and this understanding is no longer a niche in scholarship.

Forward-Looking Transitional Climate Justice

Kirk Lougheed • Feb 15 2023 • Articles

Those in wealthier countries working in the fossil fuel industry have certain entitlements inasmuch as they will be harmed by more effective climate policy.

Climate Justice from Theory to Practice: The Responsibility and Duties of the Oil Industry

Marco Grasso • Feb 15 2023 • Articles

The duty of decarbonisation entails a large-scale transformation that oil companies ought to undergo in order to eventually eliminate carbon emissions from their business model.

The Polluter Pays Principle and the Energy Transition

Fausto Corvino • Feb 14 2023 • Articles

It is possible to justify the duty of developed countries to finance the transition to low-carbon energy, including adaptation and compensation, in developing countries.

What is Emissions Egalitarianism?

Olle Torpman • Feb 14 2023 • Articles

One of the debates in climate ethics concerns the question of how the carbon budget, in terms of emissions permits, should be distributed among people.

Taking Climate Change Seriously: The ‘Values Approach’

Sue Spaid • Feb 13 2023 • Articles

Modifying our habits such that we actually reduce our carbon footprint requires that we grasp the situation at hand and commit to making our values explicit.

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