Postcolonialism, Feminism and the United Nations

Stephen McGlinchey, Rosie Walters and Dana Gold • Dec 2 2023 • Student Features

Whereas most coverage of the United Nations paints it as a well-intentioned organisation, critical theories such as postcolonialism and feminism offer a more nuanced take.

Thinking Global Podcast – Megan MacKenzie

E-International Relations • Oct 16 2023 • Features

Megan MacKenzie speaks about Military Sexual Violence, military exceptionalism, media coverage, the ethics of data collection, and why soldiers swap illicit pictures.

Interview – Inderpal Grewal

E-International Relations • Sep 28 2023 • Features

Inderpal Grewal talks about transnational feminism, intersectionality, resistance and her interest in how empires create cultures that support the imperial project.

Thinking Global Podcast – The Laid-Back Book Club (Ep.2.)

E-International Relations • Sep 18 2023 • Features

Members of the E-International Relations podcast team speak about what they have been reading recently as part of ‘The Laid-Back Book Club’.

Notes for Thinking about Feminist Foreign Policy from a Decolonial and Communitarian Feminist Perspective

Agustina Garino • Aug 20 2023 • Articles

Social and international relations should be based on complementarity, reciprocity, and solidarity among all parties.

Opinion – Breaking Boundaries to Reimagine Space is Crucial

Sarah Furman and Elise Stephenson • Aug 5 2023 • Articles

Achieving a lasting change in the space sector requires tackling patriarchal and colonial biases so that a more diverse group of people can develop a truer sense of belonging.

Interview – Dipali Anumol

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2023 • Features

Dipali Anumol explores the possibility of a more caring IR, sexual violence in India, and the relationship between feminist activism and care practices.

Interview – Paul Kirby

E-International Relations • Jun 20 2023 • Features

Paul Kirby discusses the evolving study of Women, Peace and Security, feminist foreign policy in practice, and hyper-masculinities in global politics today.

Thinking Global Podcast – Cynthia Enloe

E-International Relations • May 15 2023 • Features

Cynthia Enloe talks about Feminist International Relations, ‘womenandchildren’ rhetoric, militarisation, masculinity, and her new book: ‘Twelve Feminist Lessons of War’.

Opinion – Coming in from the Soviet Cold: Feminist Politics in Kazakhstan

Martin Duffy • Dec 9 2022 • Articles

In Kazakhstan, there is now a well-organized feminist network. There are however limitations to the growth of feminist politics.

Opinion – Getting Diversity ‘Right’ In Australia’s Nascent Space Industry Matters

Elise Stephenson • Jul 28 2022 • Articles

Building diverse and talented future workforces, diversity, access and inclusion are not just nice to have – they are critical to the Australian space agenda.

International Women’s Day Interviews

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2022 • Features

To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked previous contributors where they see the most exciting research/debates on gender and equality and their hopes for the future of IR.

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