Reading Kim Jong-Un’s Face

John A. Rees • Nov 27 2023 • Student Features

Understandings of culture can help us better understand attempts to study Kim Jong-Un’s character via physiognomic readings, which are widely practised in South Korea.

Thinking Global Podcast – Giorgio Shani

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2023 • Features

Giorgio Shani speaks about Sikh Nationalism, The Khalistan Movement, tensions between Canada and India, comparisons with Hindu Nationalism, and conceiving a Post-Western IR.

Opinion – Navigating Epistemic Injustices Between Secularism and Religion

Shafi Md Mostofa • Aug 30 2023 • Articles

To establish an all-encompassing and fair society, efforts must be directed towards appreciating and honoring various knowledge forms.

Secularism: A Religion of the 21st Century

Shafi Md Mostofa • Apr 25 2023 • Articles

A ‘secular religion’ could become a dominant religion in the 21st century, alongside established religions.

Thinking Global Podcast – Luke M. Herrington

E-International Relations • Apr 6 2023 • Features

Luke M. Herrington talks about Gender, Religion, Politics and Violence, following-up on his article ⁠’Probing the Intersection of Religion, Gender, and Political Violence’⁠.

United Moderate Religion vs. Secular and Religious Extremes?

Patricia Sohn • Apr 3 2023 • Articles

One can avoid the pitfalls of religion by acknowledging its importance at the macro-level for the greater good of national unity across a plural U.S. social fabric.

Probing the Intersection of Religion, Gender, and Political Violence

Luke M. Herrington • Nov 8 2022 • Articles

Research will make little progress if gendered violence targeted at religious minorities cannot be meaningfully distinguished from religiously motivated violence targeted at women or sexual minorities.

Religion in International Relations and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Simon Polinder • Sep 30 2022 • Articles

It is helpful to consider the influence of a quasi-religious worldview with regard to the conflict and the role of Putin.

Interview – John A. Rees

E-International Relations • Aug 31 2022 • Features

John A. Rees discusses religion, culture, and his career thus far, as part of a series of interviews with the contributing authors of the textbook ‘Foundations of International Relations’.

Interview – Rabea M. Khan

E-International Relations • Jul 5 2022 • Features

Rabea Khan discusses her interdisciplinary approach to researching religion and terrorism, including links to feminist theory.

Religion and Culture in International Relations

John A. Rees • Mar 28 2022 • Online resources

Understanding and including the impact of religio-cultural identity will help us better navigate and explain our ever more complex and seemingly divided world.

Where is God in the Anthropocene?

Maximilian Lakitsch • Jul 16 2021 • Articles

The post-anthropocentric turn into a posthuman world is at the same time a turn towards a materialist world. There, the ideas of ideality and transcendence seem difficult to uphold.

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