Thinking Global Podcast – Giorgio Shani

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2023 • Features

Giorgio Shani speaks about Sikh Nationalism, The Khalistan Movement, tensions between Canada and India, comparisons with Hindu Nationalism, and conceiving a Post-Western IR.

Opinion – Khalistan’s Impact on India-Canada Relations

Anjali Singh • Oct 15 2023 • Articles

It is critical for both India and Canada to resolve the tensions over Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing through diplomatic means and productive dialogue.

Opinion – Poland’s Territorial Defense Forces: A Solution for Revitalizing Canada’s Reservists

Zachariah Parcels • Jun 5 2023 • Articles

Establishing a territorial defense force could help Canada reclaim its international status as it would rejoin its partners in rebuffing hybridized threats.

Opinion – The Pope’s Apology for Indigenous Residential Schools

Benjamin Maiangwa and Christiane Essombe • Aug 9 2022 • Articles

Will the Pope’s words lead to some curated symbolic apologies or to fundamental changes that destabilize the status quo and center the voice of Indigenous peoples?

Subsidiarity and Fiscal Federalism in Canada

Barrie B. F. Hebb • Feb 3 2021 • Articles

Whether by intentional design, custom or habit, Canada has adopted the principle of subsidiarity lock, stock and barrel.

An Unlikely Alliance? Canada-Japan Relations in the Justin Trudeau Years

Sarah Clifford and Scott N Romaniuk • Dec 19 2020 • Articles

Japan offers Canada access to the Asian market as well as protection from the increasing ‘China threat’ which will enhance Canada’s prospects in the future.

Opinion – Taiwan Could Be to China What Canada Is to the US

Kristian McGuire • Mar 11 2020 • Articles

If Beijing were willing to learn from the American example, it could pave the way to a relationship with Taiwan comparable to that of the US with Canada.

The Doctrine of Residual Power in Canadian Diplomacy

Bruce Mabley • Jun 4 2019 • Articles

There is an epistemological break between diplomacy and public service. Canadian diplomats who undertook ‘rogue’ actions can find the moral high ground in this break.

Decolonizing Borders

Liam Midzain-Gobin • Jan 12 2019 • Articles

Borders are effective at constructing an ‘us’ on the inside, which is bound together through a collective narrative to the exclusion of ‘them’ outside.

Online Resources – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

E-International Relations • May 12 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with links and media to further explore.

The First Trudeau Era and Canadian-American Relations Today

Christo Aivalis • Sep 20 2017 • Articles

While both Justin and Pierre Trudeau have sought ways to ensure Canada’s flexibility beyond the USA’s influence, for both, the special relationship must endure.

Revisiting Responsibility in International Relations: Canadian Foreign Policy

Caroline Dunton • Sep 18 2017 • Articles

In the last decade, IR research on responsibility has dwindled. Given this, we must revisit responsibility to understand how states engage with and deliver on the term.

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