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In this week’s episode of the Thinking Global podcast, Surinder Mohan speaks with the team. Dr. Surinder Mohan explores the ‘Complex Rivalry’ between India and Pakistan, both historically and in the current era. Here, he discusses not only the effect of the conflict on the belligerents of the conflict, but also the wider effect for the Asian region as a whole. Dr. Mohan’s recently published work ‘Complex Rivalry: The Dynamics of India-Pakistan Conflict‘ is available from The University of Michigan Press.

Dr. Surinder Mohan (⁠@SMohanOfficial) is Assistant Professor of International Relations in the Department of Strategic and Regional Studies (DSRS) at University of Jammu in India. His research interests concern rivalries in international relations, Asian regional security and politics, nuclear and territorial conflicts, and the securitization of water. 

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