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The US-China Trade War

Günter Walzenbach • Dec 6 2023 • Student Features

During the course of Trump’s trade war, both sides suffered significant losses in their bilateral export volumes with higher prices hurting consumers.

Gun Violence in the United States

Natalie Jester • Dec 2 2023 • Student Features

Why is it common to perceive tanks crossing borders as a greater problem than large-scale loss of life due to guns in the United States, especially amongst schoolchildren and Black civilians?

Opinion – An Environmental Focus for US-Central Asia Relations

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Nov 29 2023 • Articles

Central Asia faces several environmental challenges, some natural and others human-made, which will be exacerbated by climate change.

The Trump Administration’s Withdrawal from the JCPOA

Knut Traisbach • Nov 21 2023 • Student Features

Even when agreements fall apart, such as between the US and Iran over Iran’s nuclear programme, they can leave lasting effects that form a basis for future negotiations.

The Overstretch Dilemma: Navigating the Precarious Balance of US Foreign Aid

Andrew Latham and Raymond Yu • Nov 9 2023 • Articles

The contrast in aid dynamics between Israel and Ukraine reflects not merely a resource allocation challenge but a deeper strategic prioritization conundrum.

Xi Jinping’s Civil Diplomacy Initiative: Origins, Purpose, and Challenges

Liye Hong • Oct 29 2023 • Articles

Despite recent high-level meetings between Chinese and American officials, the two nations continue to accuse each other on a variety of issues.

Opinion – A New Balance in Sino-US Relations?

He Xiaheng Derek • Oct 16 2023 • Articles

The new balance is, and will remain, about managing confrontations and reducing misperceptions that could lead things out of control.

A Tale of Two Attitudes Toward Leftist Governments in Latin America

Shauna N. Gillooly and Sofia-Alexa Porres • Oct 12 2023 • Articles

Progressive governments in the region will likely not threaten U.S. interests, but poor policies on the part of the U.S. toward their neighbors may do just that.

Opinion – The US Doesn’t Need More Nuclear Weapons

Sveta Yefimenko • Oct 10 2023 • Articles

While modernizing the US nuclear arsenal is a necessity, adding more nuclear weapons to the US stockpile is a costly and unnecessary endeavour.

The Changing Geopolitical Context of US Support for Human Rights and Democracy Promotion

Mark N. Katz • Sep 19 2023 • Articles

At a time when neither Russia nor China is advancing human rights and democratization, America’s doing so could prove to be a highly strategic move.

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East from Counter-Orientalism to Neo-Orientalism

Yakub Halabi • Aug 24 2023 • Articles

The USA can lend its support to pro-American regimes in the Middle East, and at the same time, encourage them to support semi-democratic institutions.

Opinion – Britain and the American South: A Special Relationship?

Curtis Large • Aug 15 2023 • Articles

While the UK and the US South seek to improve understandings of one another’s society and politics, historical attempts have proved fruitless.

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