International Law

From War Crimes to the International Criminal Court

Knut Traisbach • Dec 7 2023 • Student Features

The International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, Netherlands, is the only permanent international court adjudicating on the criminal responsibility of individuals.

Review – The Justification of War and International Order

Ananya Sharma • Nov 17 2023 • Features

This edited collection explores the evolving justifications of war on the international stage, but does not engage with newer factors such as the use of social media.

Review – Saving the International Justice Regime

Franziska Boehme • Jun 3 2022 • Features

Hillebrecht’s clearly written book is the first to fully consider cases of backlash to international courts and puts forward relevant policy prescriptions.

Opinion – Signed, Sealed and Irrelevant: The Impact of the Budapest Memorandum

Craig R. Myers • Apr 19 2022 • Articles

The Budapest Memorandum worked in the short-term by de-nuclearizing a former Soviet state, but proved worthless in deterring Russian aggression.

Interview – Courtney Hillebrecht

E-International Relations • Apr 19 2022 • Features

Courtney Hillebrecht talks about the complications and benefits of the international justice system, including the impact of the latest developments at the ICJ and backlash politics.

International Law

Knut Traisbach • Mar 28 2022 • Online resources

International law is a system of norms, a social practice and a professional culture that remains open to change and contestation. It comprises learned techniques, traditions, institutions and ideologies that evolve.

Understanding the Illegality of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Kieran O'Meara • Mar 13 2022 • Articles

Russia has not only broken international law in the most flagrant manner, but has devalued the system of norms, values and practices that underpins international society.

Opinion – In Defence of International Law

Martin Duffy • Feb 6 2022 • Articles

Far from a mere paper tiger the measure of international law is today shown by the successful prosecution of both powerful and rogue states alike.

Opinion – Negotiating the US-China Phase One Deal

Bashar H. Malkawi • Dec 16 2021 • Articles

Putting aside political rhetoric, opening the Phase One Deal to re-adjustment and negotiations seems the plausible option in the short term.

Is China Under-Exploiting One Legal Avenue in the South China Sea?

He Xiaheng Derek • Jul 17 2021 • Articles

Beijing faces a legal quandary between tacitly admitting the continued ROC presence on Taiwan and not making full use of the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty.

Recognition and Protection of Environmental Migrants in International Law

Chiara Scissa • Jun 24 2021 • Articles

Several UN arrangements explicitly recognize environmental migration, but lack of binding force. Conversely, binding instruments are too weakly implemented.

Opinion – Dangers Within Humanitarianism to Israel’s National Security

Giulia Dal Bello • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

The international community should recognize the well-established narrative against Israel and update judicial mechanisms to address asymmetrical conflicts and hybrid terrorist organizations.

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