Author profile: Rosie Walters

Dr Rosie Walters is a Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University.

Sexual Violence and War

Rosie Walters • Dec 8 2023 • Student Features

Sexual violence in conflict is a continuation or escalation of gendered violence towards women and men in peacetime – much of which takes place inside the home.

Sexuality and Borders

Rosie Walters • Nov 28 2023 • Student Features

The claims of states in the Global North to be promoting LGBTQ+ rights around the world can serve to mask those same states’ violations of the rights of LGBTQ+ people from the Global South.

Gender, Sexuality and International Relations

Rosie Walters • Mar 28 2022 • Online resources

Norms around gender and sexuality shape the roles we take on in society, our freedoms and rights and even whether we live or die.

Are Women’s Rights Human Rights?

Rosie Walters • Jul 20 2013 • Essays

A non-feminist approach to women’s human rights sees them as separate from or secondary to other human rights concerns, and does not take women’s lives and experiences into account.

International Politics & Human Nature

Rosie Walters • Jun 9 2013 • Essays

Realists claim that international politics are derived from human’s nature to war and cause destruction, which emphasizes masculinity and eschews women from the international arena.

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