The US-China Trade War

Günter Walzenbach • Dec 6 2023 • Student Features

During the course of Trump’s trade war, both sides suffered significant losses in their bilateral export volumes with higher prices hurting consumers.

Opinion – China’s Soft Power Diplomacy in the Caribbean

Pablo Baltodano • Dec 6 2023 • Articles

If there is competition between the US and China in the Caribbean region, it will be in the use of soft power diplomacy to resolve problems of general interest.

Opinion – The Risks of China’s Growing Influence in the Middle East

Hassan Jaber • Dec 3 2023 • Articles

It is vital that the region adopts an approach of strategic hedging and remains neutral for diplomacy and negotiation to become sustainable.

Images of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

James Arvanitakis and David J. Hornsby • Nov 28 2023 • Student Features

Some evidence is emerging that the Belt and Road Initiative more reflects the kind of one-way, or exploitative, trade relationships that it ostensibly set out to differentiate itself from.

Xi Jinping’s Civil Diplomacy Initiative: Origins, Purpose, and Challenges

Liye Hong • Oct 29 2023 • Articles

Despite recent high-level meetings between Chinese and American officials, the two nations continue to accuse each other on a variety of issues.

Opinion – China’s Role in Mediating Middle East Crises

Sophie Wushuang Yi • Oct 17 2023 • Articles

As a nation with a historical consciousness of humiliation and a desire for rejuvenation, China can bring a unique perspective to the table.

Opinion – A New Balance in Sino-US Relations?

He Xiaheng Derek • Oct 16 2023 • Articles

The new balance is, and will remain, about managing confrontations and reducing misperceptions that could lead things out of control.

Guanxi Culture’s Role in China’s Great Power Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Ye Xue • Oct 6 2023 • Articles

China, as a non-Western great power, is bringing its own cultural values and practices into an increasingly multicultural international order.

Interpreting Politico-Strategic Motivations for Chinese Military Exercises

Narantsatsral Enkhbat • Oct 5 2023 • Articles

China uses joint exercises to reassure Russia, while at the same time intimidating its regional opponents in times of rising tensions over Taiwan.

The Implications of China’s Growing Military Strength on the Global Maritime Security Order

Sophie Wushuang Yi • Oct 2 2023 • Articles

The international community must promote peaceful dispute resolution and work toward preserving the stability of the global maritime security order.

Thinking Global Podcast – The Laid-Back Book Club (Ep.2.)

E-International Relations • Sep 18 2023 • Features

Members of the E-International Relations podcast team speak about what they have been reading recently as part of ‘The Laid-Back Book Club’.

China in the Pages of Americas Quarterly: Three Interpretations

Lívia Peres Milani and Luciana Wietchikoski • Aug 26 2023 • Articles

Nuances among the narratives presented on China are found in the analysis of pieces published by American and Latin American scholars and elites in Americas Quarterly.

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