Author profile: Zenonas Tziarras

Zenonas Tziarras is a Lecturer in the Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cyprus. He is the author of Turkish Foreign Policy: The Lausanne Syndrome in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (Springer, 2022)

Deciphering Erdoğan’s Foreign Policy after Turkey’s 2023 Elections

Zenonas Tziarras • Dec 7 2023 • Articles

The interplay between Erdoğan’s ambitions and the evolving global order creates a complex landscape marked by unpredictability and the potential for geopolitical shifts.

The Iraq Crisis and Its Geopolitical Implications

Zenonas Tziarras • Jul 29 2014 • Articles

An inclusive and participatory democracy that would accommodate Iraq’s pluralistic society is the only way to counter ISIS and ensure Iraq’a stability and prosperity.

Economic Crisis in Cyprus: Repercussions, Turkey and the Turkish-Cypriots

Zenonas Tziarras • Jan 3 2013 • Articles

Given Cyprus’ loss of diplomatic leverage due to the needed economic aid/bail-out, Cyprus needs to proceed with caution toward the EU, while standing by the Turkish-Cypriot community.

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