Deciphering Erdoğan’s Foreign Policy after Turkey’s 2023 Elections

Zenonas Tziarras • Dec 7 2023 • Articles

The interplay between Erdoğan’s ambitions and the evolving global order creates a complex landscape marked by unpredictability and the potential for geopolitical shifts.

The West and Turkish Aspirations: Limits of the Liberal Gaze

Kostas A. Lavdas and Panagiota Chatzilymperi • Nov 14 2023 • Articles

Relations between Turkey and the West appear to be unpredictable, whilst optimism on Muslim democracy is on the wane.

Ottoman International Relations: A Research Agenda

Ali Balcı • Oct 4 2023 • Articles

While Turkish IR might leverage its empire to carve out a unique identity and authority within the broader IR discipline, the Ottoman legacy invites scholars globally to make meaningful contributions.

Opinion – Turkish Foreign Policy after the 2023 Elections

Lars Haugom • Sep 18 2023 • Articles

Turkey’s assertive diplomatic style and preference for a transactional foreign policy has occasionally brought Ankara to the diplomatic brink with the European Union and the United States.

Interview – Lisel Hintz

E-International Relations • Aug 31 2023 • Features

Lisel Hintz explores this year’s tumultuous election for the Turkish Presidency, as well as the implications for the future of Turkish politics and foreign policy.

Opinion – The Plain Sight Threat to NATO, Turkey, and Turanism

Andrew Latham and Audun Sundeen • Jul 17 2023 • Articles

Turkish advances towards the new alliance continue, and NATO powers have done little to counterbalance the Turkish drift towards a new ideology that threatens their disappearance from NATO altogether.

Pluralism vs. Ultra-Nationalism: The Real Cleavage Behind Turkey’s Elections and Populism’s Rise

Nora Fisher-Onar • May 31 2023 • Articles

An uplifting takeaway from Turkey’s elections was voters’ commitment to electoral participation.

Opinion – Disappointments and Expectations in Turkey

Tayfun Mertan • May 30 2023 • Articles

More economic and political crises await Turkey, but these crises will not harm Erdogan if the opposition does not adopt the right policy framework.

Religion and Secularism in Turkey, and The Turkish Elections

A 20th century backdrop that included a long experiment with secularism in the Middle East and North Africa offers explanatory value to understanding the current Turkish electoral context.

Opinion – How the West Can Prepare for a Post-Erdogan Era in Turkey

Charles Hailer • May 14 2023 • Articles

Many would love to be rid of Erdoğan – but regardless of the election results, Turkey will need strong and steady leadership and patience from Western leaders abroad.

The Critical Role of Turkey in the Management of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Dimitris Tsarouhas • May 6 2023 • Articles

Turkey has sought to cope with the crisis in two distinct ways and over two identifiable phases.

Opinion – Turkey’s May Elections Are about Regime Change

Toni Alaranta • May 4 2023 • Articles

The determining factor of this historic election, ultimately, is the acceptance or rejection of Erdoğan.

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