Sandra & Tino

Your Favourite Split Cover Duo Finally Releases a Single

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After years of covers, Sandra & Tino turn to Dalmatian pop with “Ne budi me” (Don’t wake me)

A Very Fiery Opening of the 62nd Pula Film Festival

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TCN’s Michel Percan braves the searing heat to attend the opening of the 62nd Pula Film Festival.

20th Rovinj Summer Festival Has Begun!

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This year’s Rovinj Summer Festival is held July 17th-September 27th.

What is in a Name: An Irish Touch on the Streets of Zagreb?

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What’s in a name? Shakespeare asked us… That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as ...

Zagreb Opens Its First “Kissing Spot”

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An innovative way to promote Zagreb as a destination.