Opinion – The Israel/Hamas War and ‘Decolonial Washing’

David Chandler • Dec 7 2023 • Articles

Coloniality is so baked into Western state powers and institutions that attempts to take ‘short cuts’ through making ‘decolonial’ claims and statements can easily feed into existing hierarchies.

Opinion – Academics Opening Their Hearts for Climate Actions

Louise Taylor and John Barry • Jul 3 2023 • Articles

It is high time for the academy and intellectuals to take decisive action to come together and collaborate on the climate crisis.

Can the Academy Still Debate ‘Colonialism’?

Alaric Searle • Feb 10 2023 • Articles

Disagreeing vehemently with another scholar’s opinions in the academy is one thing, death threats and calls for a scholar to be fired quite another.

Interview – Colin Beck

E-International Relations • Jun 17 2022 • Features

Colin Beck talks about his work on revolutions, and the role of political violence in social movements.

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