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Recent Posts

Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Imperialist Dynamics in International Law

Laura Andrés Serpi • Dec 15 2023 • Essays

By hegemonically promoting a hierarchical type of sovereign equality, the West perpetuates an unfair international system by failing to listen to distinct voices.

Colombia and Chile: How Parties and Ideologies Affect LGBTQ+ Identities

James Manville • Dec 13 2023 • Essays

While Chile and Colombia have unique political landscapes, the recent emergence of leftist leaders indicates a shifting societal acceptance of LGBTQ+ people.

“You Blaspheme, You Die”—The Rise of Anti-Blasphemy in Pakistan

Rishabh Chawda • Dec 13 2023 • Essays

The mala fide accusations, indifference to intent, killing before legal proceedings conclude and impact on minorities point to anti-blasphemy in Pakistan as politicised.

Interview – Isaac Caro Grinspun

E-International Relations • Dec 12 2023 • Features

Isaac Caro Grinspun sheds light on the escalations in the Israel-Palestine conflict and the dynamics influencing reactions to the conflict in the international community.

Sexual Violence and War

Rosie Walters • Dec 8 2023 • Student Features

Sexual violence in conflict is a continuation or escalation of gendered violence towards women and men in peacetime – much of which takes place inside the home.

Human Rights and Sovereignty

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 8 2023 • Student Features

The global system incorporates human rights in ways that go beyond merely aspirational, gradually challenging the once absolute monopoly on sovereignty held by states.

From War Crimes to the International Criminal Court

Knut Traisbach • Dec 7 2023 • Student Features

The International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, Netherlands, is the only permanent international court adjudicating on the criminal responsibility of individuals.

The US-China Trade War

Günter Walzenbach • Dec 6 2023 • Student Features

During the course of Trump’s trade war, both sides suffered significant losses in their bilateral export volumes with higher prices hurting consumers.

Russia’s Internet Research Agency and Cyberwarfare

Clare Stevens and Andreas Haggman • Dec 5 2023 • Student Features

The Internet Research Agency was a key agent in a Russian disinformation campaign that targeted American voters in the 2016 presidential election.

The United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya

Sahil Mathur and Amitav Acharya • Dec 5 2023 • Student Features

Today, rather than Southern countries vying to host global organisations as Nairobi did, we are witnessing a strengthening and growth of ‘Southern’ international organisations.

Marxism, Poststructuralism and Warfare

Stephen McGlinchey, Rosie Walters and Dana Gold • Dec 5 2023 • Student Features

Marxists believe that war is a tool utilised by capitalists to ensure their power persists, whilst poststructuralists underline the ‘us’ and ‘them’ hypocrisy in warfare debates.

Donald Trump and Climate Denial

Raul Pacheco-Vega • Dec 4 2023 • Student Features

Trump manifested an environmental sceptic’s view, meaning that he did not seem to believe that climate change was worth his attention, or his state’s actions.

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