Thinking Global Podcast – Maurice Stierl

E-International Relations • Dec 11 2023 • Features

Maurice Stierl speaks about how time is weaponized in relation to EU Migration Policy, migrant resistance, the ‘messy’ entanglement of borders, and resistance as method.

Towards a Space-Time Heuristic: Notes on Meaningful and Factual Truth

Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro • Nov 19 2023 • Articles

Facts are meaningless unless they are grounded in space and time, and can subsequently acquire more than one meaning to the effect of revealing a complex social reality.

Reflections on Decoloniality, Time, History and Remembering

Ali Kassem • Jan 17 2023 • Articles

Racialised communities across metropoles such as Beirut, Singapore and Edinburgh have contested questions of the past, of history, and of memory.

Review – Within, Against, and Beyond Liberalism

Randall Germain • Dec 19 2021 • Features

This tour de force by Blaney and Inayatullah engages with a wide range of IPE scholars and presents an intriguing discussion of time and eurocentrism, though both warrant further analysis.

Interview – Andrew Hom

E-International Relations • May 12 2019 • Features

Andrew Hom tells us about the temporal turn in IR, different understandings of time, how time is political, and some of the best advice he has received during his career.

The Weird and Wonderful Virtues of Human Geography

Daniel Clausen • Oct 14 2017 • Articles

When one reads Human Geography seriously, one is more open to the creative dance of complex causes and open to lumpy landscapes.

Interview – Justin Mueller

E-International Relations • Oct 26 2016 • Features

Dr Justin Mueller discusses the themes of temporality, sovereignty and imperialism – and addresses the question ‘when is imperialism’.

Catastrophic Futures, Precarious Presents & Temporal Politics of (In)security

Liam P.D. Stockdale • Aug 19 2016 • Articles

the post-9/11 temporalisation of security has taken the form of a politics of pre-emption in which radical uncertainty constitutes the basis for anticipatory action.

How Time Shapes our Understanding of Global Politics

Caroline Holmqvist and Tom Lundborg • Aug 16 2016 • Articles

Using time as a primary analytical lens takes us beyond concerns with linear and teleological time that dominate the ways in which time is understood as mere ‘history’

Analogue Time, People, and the Digital Eclipsing of Modern Political Time

Robert Hassan • Aug 15 2016 • Articles

It would be a terrible and ignominious end for a modern political process (and project) to be eclipsed by technological speed and market imperatives.

Disrupting the ‘Conditional Selfhood’ of Threat Construction

Kathryn Marie Fisher • Aug 15 2016 • Articles

It is essential to interrogate how representations of the homegrown threat in security practice may instead be influencing insecurity.

Time, Power and Inequalities

Valerie Bryson • Aug 12 2016 • Articles

Time is neither ‘natural’ nor just. It is used, valued and understood in ways that reflect and sustain economic, social and political inequalities.

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