Thinking Global Podcast – Maurice Stierl

E-International Relations • Dec 11 2023 • Features

Maurice Stierl speaks about how time is weaponized in relation to EU Migration Policy, migrant resistance, the ‘messy’ entanglement of borders, and resistance as method.

The Venezuelan Exodus

Anitta Kynsilehto • Nov 27 2023 • Student Features

The migrant crisis in Venezuela shows how large-scale population movements change destinations depending on global and societal contexts at a given time.

Interview – Daniel Naujoks

E-International Relations • Oct 8 2023 • Features

Daniel Naujoks explores the debates on mobility, identity and citizenship, including the role of diaspora investment and migration policies in the Global South.

Interview – David FitzGerald

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2023 • Features

David FitzGerald delves into trends in migration and asylum-seeking, variations in national policy responses, and the impact of securitisation.

Review – My Fourth Time, We Drowned

Lida Naeim-Jäggi • Aug 13 2023 • Features

This thoroughly researched work gives victims a voice through eye opening accounts of refugee and migrant experiences alongside criticism of international organisations.

Thinking Global Podcast – Mauricio Palma-Gutiérrez

E-International Relations • Jul 31 2023 • Features

Mauricio Palma-Gutiérrez discusses migration and displacement in South America, focussing specifically on the practices of those states along the South American Andes.

Interview – Christiane Fröhlich

E-International Relations • Jun 29 2023 • Features

Christiane Fröhlich explores the relationship between climate change, human mobility and conflict, as well as the role governments and policymakers play.

Review – People Forced to Flee

Martin Duffy • May 17 2023 • Features

This comprehensive account of forced displacement highlights the potential for change, advocates more judicial action, and tackles the organisation’s own failings.

Reflecting on the Syrian Migration Crisis

By any standard of evaluation, many Eastern Mediterranean governments failed to meet the standards of democratic values and human rights as the Syrian migration wore on.

National Responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Cases of Libya and Malta

Emma Casey and Yannis A. Stivachtis • May 8 2023 • Articles

The lack of a coherent EU migration and asylum policy has placed Maltese officials in a situation where they perceive that an aggressive anti-migrant posture is their most viable course politically.

The Critical Role of Turkey in the Management of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Dimitris Tsarouhas • May 6 2023 • Articles

Turkey has sought to cope with the crisis in two distinct ways and over two identifiable phases.

Interview – Kristina Roepstorff

E-International Relations • May 4 2023 • Features

Kristina Roepstorff discusses her multidisciplinary approach, fieldwork, and developments in humanitarian action particularly in relation to migration and the pandemic.

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