Author profile: Dean Karalekas

Dean Karalekas is a research fellow at the Centre of Austronesian Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, having earned his PhD from the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. He is the author of The Men in No Man’s Land: A Journey into Bir Tawil and Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan: Identity and Transformation. He is also an ethnographic and narrative filmmaker, having produced, written and directed several award-winning films on a diversity of subjects, from the Canadian experience in World War II to indigenous mythology.

Dashing Lines and Faking History: The Complicated History of Taipei’s Maritime Claims

Dean Karalekas • Jun 24 2022 • Articles

There are problems in using a historical argument as the basis for claims over territory, not the least of which is the reliability of available evidence.

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