Ukraine Conflict

Opinion – Reducing Nuclear Fears to Negotiate a Winning Peace in Ukraine

Paul Alexander • Dec 12 2023 • Articles

Experts now routinely admit what few dared a year ago, Western weapons have been enough for Ukraine neither to lose or win.

Thinking Global Podcast – Elena Şimanschi

E-International Relations • Oct 23 2023 • Features

Elena Şimanschi speaks about (dis)information, what its major mechanism are, how it materialises, its connection with emotion and memory, and reveals her empirical findings.

Interview Feature – Europe and War: A Conversation with Alain Finkielkraut

Petar Popović • Jun 2 2023 • Features

Petar Popović engages in dialogue with the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut on the wider implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Opinion – Russia’s Choices in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Jul 4 2022 • Articles

After the conquest of the Donbas it would make sense to seek an armistice, but Russia seems blinded by its own propaganda and buoyed by its gains – costly as they have been.

Opinion – Germany’s Flawed Russia Policy Has Its Roots in a Misreading of History

Björn Alexander Düben • May 9 2022 • Articles

For decades, German policy towards Putin’s Russia was beset by dangerous delusions based on a rather selective grasp of which lessons to draw from Germany’s own history.

Opinion – Signed, Sealed and Irrelevant: The Impact of the Budapest Memorandum

Craig R. Myers • Apr 19 2022 • Articles

The Budapest Memorandum worked in the short-term by de-nuclearizing a former Soviet state, but proved worthless in deterring Russian aggression.

Opinion – Humanitarianism and the Internationalisation of the War in Ukraine

David Chandler • Mar 21 2022 • Articles

The internationalisation of the conflict can be destabilising because there is less pressure to find the compromises necessary for peace agreement.

Impact of War and Prospects for Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Nov 30 2020 • Articles

With Putin in power for another 16 years, the policies he has pursued, however counter-productive they have been to Russian goals, will continue towards Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia: Wars Over the Past

David R. Marples • May 20 2016 • Articles

Regions of Ukraine have their own singular histories and what is lacking is a unifying narrative and common “heroes” during a time of prolonged crisis.

The EU’s Normative Nature and Its Sanction Regime Against Russia: An Oxymoron?

Leonard Schuette • Dec 29 2015 • Essays

Sanctions per se are not irreconcilable with normative behaviour, as they may perform the function of conveying a normative argument rather than merely coerce the other.

Interview – Ivan Krastev

E-International Relations • Dec 16 2015 • Features

Ivan Krastev discusses Russia’s troubled relationship with the West, the problems with democratic triumphalism, and the role of the EU in the post-Cold War world.

Perspectives for Russia’s Future: The Case for Narrative Analysis

Edwin Bacon • May 15 2015 • Articles

In relation to Russia, the scenario of authoritarian stability and global power alongside economic decline and consumer dissatisfaction is a pertinent one.

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