Towards a Space-Time Heuristic: Notes on Meaningful and Factual Truth

Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro • Nov 19 2023 • Articles

Facts are meaningless unless they are grounded in space and time, and can subsequently acquire more than one meaning to the effect of revealing a complex social reality.

European Crises and Right-Wing Populism: The Case of Lega Nord

Irene Viparelli and Evanthia Balla • Oct 10 2022 • Articles

In the post-truth age, right-wing populist parties such as Lega Nord offered an array of unrestrained ‘truths’ and managed to purposely distort problems and solutions in order to gain popularity and power.

Digital Virulence and Post-Truth in Light of Baudrillard’s Science-Fiction Theory of Pataphysics

Spiros Makris • Oct 7 2022 • Articles

Is this science-fiction prognosis of a digital-led human destiny true or false – and could it be the actual question of the so-called post-truth age?

The Challenges of Epistemic Communities in Shaping Policy in the Age of Post-Truth

Atal Ahmadzai • Oct 6 2022 • Articles

By offering an exclusive expert-policy nexus, epistemic communities overlook the significance of communicating knowledge and fostering public debate on policy issues.

Postcolonial Gaslighting and Greenland: When Post-Truth Gets in the Way of Independence

Emil Sondaj Hansen • Oct 4 2022 • Articles

The challenges to Greenland’s autobiographical self, in terms of its colonial past, destabilises perceptions of reality and prevent the possibility of agency.

Beyond Post-Truth: I-War and the Desire to be an Ethical All-American

Hasmet M. Uluorta • Sep 30 2022 • Articles

The truth is divided and incomplete because the subject is barred from knowing the complete truth of their own subjectivity. By understanding this, we can begin to build a different democracy.

Post-Truth and Post- Democracy: The Dark Side of the Democratic Planet

Post-truth tends to be a dissimulation of lies and the relations between truth and post-truth are not ambiguous.

US Foreign Wars, Mass Marketing, and the Development of Post-Truth Politics

Ido Oren • Sep 29 2022 • Articles

Reality-shaping repetition of talking points, taglines and catchphrases can be traced back to the propaganda campaign of the Wilson administration in 1917.

Τrolling IR About Trolling in International Affairs

Kyriakos Mikelis • Sep 27 2022 • Articles

Despite trolling instances of resistance to power structures, the state-centric embracement or hijacking of trolling can hardly be missed, along with the ‘disrupt the opponent/rival’ mode.

Platforms of Post-Truth: Outlines of a Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen • Sep 27 2022 • Articles

Regulation must guarantee the factual basis of debate and the broader horizon of shared experiences – without which facts and democracy lose their meaning.

New Book – Global Politics in a Post-Truth Age

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 22 2022 • Features

This book brings together ten chapters that reflect upon the state of global, regional and national politics in the twenty-first century within the context of post-truth.

Truth and Politics in the Age of Post-Truth

Theresa Man Ling Lee • Sep 22 2022 • Articles

A world of post-truth politics can be an opportunity for a new kind of politics if it is indeed about dismantling the idea that truth is the ideal that politics should strive for.

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