Opinion – Javier Milei’s New Social Contract for Argentina

Nico Maffey • Dec 12 2023 • Articles

Argentina is inviting the world to witness an experiment over whether libertarianism can serve as the lifeline for a nation grappling with the depths of economic catastrophe.

Opinion – Argentina’s Pivotal Decision

Nico Maffey • Nov 14 2023 • Articles

On November 19th, Argentina stands at a critical electoral juncture, torn between two starkly contrasting political paradigms.

Visa Policies as Externalisation Practices in the Global South

Natalia Cintra • Oct 2 2021 • Articles

It is key to engage in a more ample debate over how visa policies and other practices in the Global South contribute in shifting these countries’ borders.

Opinion – Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez’s Diplomatic Mishap Amidst Crisis

Franco Laguna Correa • Jul 13 2021 • Articles

Amidst the social and economic decay brought by the once celebrated engineers of neoliberalism, Argentina is descending further into crisis.

The Compliance of Argentina’s Migration Law with Human Rights Discourse and Principles

Sabrina Andrea Avigliano • Apr 25 2021 • Articles

The Argentinian Republic is, at its core, a country of migrants. Yet, it is also subject to a shifting migration policy.

COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis in Argentina

Priscila Palacio • Jul 21 2020 • Articles

Even under the scenario of a foreign debt agreement and the gradual normalization of the economic activity, the outlook for the Argentine economy for the second half of 2020 is gloomy.

How Do States Behave? A Comparative Analysis between China and Argentina

Federico Verly • Jun 9 2020 • Articles

Although interesting similarities and differences can be enumerated between China and Argentina foreign policy decision-making processes present great complexity.

Perspectives on the Newly Elected Fernández’s Foreign Policy

Janina Onuki and Tamiris Burin • Jan 25 2020 • Articles

Following the October 2019 Argentine election, changes within the government may lead to changes in foreign policy towards Brazil, the IMF, Mercosur, the EU and China.

Interview – Pablo Nemiña

E-International Relations • Aug 27 2019 • Features

Pablo Nemiña explores the complex relationship between Latin American countries and the IMF, Argentina’s economic policy and the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

Review – Che, My Brother

Antoni Kapcia • Apr 8 2017 • Features

A useful and highly readable addition to the ‘good’ literature, which succeeds in telling us something more subtle than the tendency to one-dimensional diatribes.

Pop Culture and Latin America’s Conflicts

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Dec 3 2016 • Articles

Militaries and police forces can win wars, but the television and cinematographic industries are critical components that will determine whether or not they will be remembered as heroes.

Review – Too Little, Too Late: The Quest to Resolve Sovereign Debt Crises

Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez • Dec 2 2016 • Features

A timely volume that details what we have learned from a long history of attempts to govern sovereign debt, and which is bound to be a reference for debates yet to come.

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