Interview – Inderpal Grewal

E-International Relations • Sep 28 2023 • Features

Inderpal Grewal talks about transnational feminism, intersectionality, resistance and her interest in how empires create cultures that support the imperial project.

Thinking Global Podcast – Alexander Lanoszka

E-International Relations • Aug 21 2023 • Features

Alexander Lanoszka discusses NATO enlargement, conceptualising military alliances, their contemporary significance, nuclear proliferation, and the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.

Review – Chip War

Gareth Mott • Jun 1 2023 • Features

This timely and articulate account of the semiconductor industry brings to life the historical, geopolitical, and economic significance of the rise of the chip.

Interview – Hicham Alaoui

E-International Relations • May 8 2023 • Features

Hicham Alaoui discusses recent events in Tunisia and outlines the concept of pacted democratisation and how it applies to political transitions in the MENA region.

Interview – Laura Sjoberg

E-International Relations • Jan 15 2023 • Features

Laura Sjoberg discusses the ways gender hierarchies and queer theory can help us understand international security and IR more broadly.

Review – Empires of Eurasia

Joseph MacKay • Jan 12 2023 • Features

Mankoff’s geographical focus captures the dynamics of the region well, though this highlights the usual traits and his analysis would benefit from more local insight.

Opinion – Rwandan Support for M23 Rebels Cannot Continue

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Jan 10 2023 • Articles

Kigali’s sponsoring of proxy warfare in Eastern DRC via the March 23 Movement demonstrates that President Kagame is a security liability.

Interview – Natalie Jester

E-International Relations • Oct 17 2022 • Features

Natalie Jester discusses international security, and her career to date, as part of a series of interviews with the contributing authors of the textbook ‘Foundations of International Relations’.

Review – Conflict of Interest

Jemima Ackah-Arthur • Aug 4 2022 • Features

This podcast provides useful analyses of past and ongoing conflicts but could focus more on non-Islamic societies and non-traditional security issues.

Interview – David Lowe

E-International Relations • Aug 3 2022 • Features

David Lowe talks about the challenges for policing in the UK, intelligence exchange, and the balance between surveillance and liberty.

Opinion – The NATO Madrid Summit and the Alliance’s New Dawn

Alexander Brotman • Jul 5 2022 • Articles

Madrid is its own form of ‘Zeitenwende’, an unexpected but welcome watershed moment that demands bold and inspiring action amidst political upheaval.

Assessing the Impact of Hybrid Threats on Ontological Security via Entanglement

Petros Petrikkos • Jul 1 2022 • Articles

The rapid rise of innovation and technological advances has shown that the prospects of security breaches across states and societies are also increasing.

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