Author profile: He Xiaheng Derek

He Xiaheng Derek works at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He holds a PhD degree from King’s College London and a master’s degree from the University of Warwick. His research interest primarily lies in Taiwan, the South China Sea, and the Track-2 Dialogue led by think tanks.

Opinion – A New Balance in Sino-US Relations?

He Xiaheng Derek • Oct 16 2023 • Articles

The new balance is, and will remain, about managing confrontations and reducing misperceptions that could lead things out of control.

Is China Under-Exploiting One Legal Avenue in the South China Sea?

He Xiaheng Derek • Jul 17 2021 • Articles

Beijing faces a legal quandary between tacitly admitting the continued ROC presence on Taiwan and not making full use of the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty.

The Taiwan Factor in the Clarification of China’s U-shaped Line

He Xiaheng Derek • Jan 16 2021 • Articles

The Taiwan factor has added to the challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea and to the bargaining process among relevant states.

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