Author profile: Begum Burak

Dr Begüm Burak is a political scientist based in Istanbul. Between 2010 and 2015, during her occupation as a research assistant, she got engaged in short-term academic activities in Italy, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Spain. In 2018, Dr. Burak became one of the founding members of, a social and professional network for political scientists. Twitter: @begumburak1984

The Fragility of Turkish Democracy

Begum Burak • Jan 29 2021 • Articles

Turkey has undergone political decay since 2018. Political institutions have been unable to adapt to changing conditions and have ultimately lost their function and legitimacy.

A Weak State with a ‘Strong State’ Tradition: The Case of Turkey

Begum Burak • Aug 8 2012 • Articles

Turkey is more democratic and more liberal than in past decades. But a state stuck between the mosque and the barrack cannot be called a strong state.

Turkey Today: A “Leviathan” or a “Law-seeker”?

Begum Burak • Apr 25 2012 • Articles

The profound social and political changes Turkey has undergone have made it a law seeking nation. Ankara is now on the path to becoming a full fledged democracy under the rule of law.

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