Review – The Last Politician

Michael Cox • Dec 14 2023 • Features

Franklin Foer does a deep dive into the first two years of the Biden Presidency, but questions arise over some conclusions in light of the impact of recent global events.

Interview – Jade McGlynn

E-International Relations • Dec 3 2023 • Features

Jade McGlynn discusses the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the prominent use of memory politics and propaganda in Russia’s wartime strategy.

Thinking Global Podcast – Elena Şimanschi

E-International Relations • Oct 23 2023 • Features

Elena Şimanschi speaks about (dis)information, what its major mechanism are, how it materialises, its connection with emotion and memory, and reveals her empirical findings.

Interview – Dipin Kaur

E-International Relations • Aug 28 2023 • Features

Dipin Kaur explores insurgent recruitment strategies, including the role of state capacities and ethnicity, with particular focus on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Thinking Global Podcast – Alexander Lanoszka

E-International Relations • Aug 21 2023 • Features

Alexander Lanoszka discusses NATO enlargement, conceptualising military alliances, their contemporary significance, nuclear proliferation, and the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.

Thinking Global Podcast – Mohammed Baharoon

E-International Relations • Jul 26 2023 • Features

Mohammed Baharoon explores the ‘quantum’ politics of the Middle East, its regional dynamics, the role of the BRICS, and the effects of the Russo-Ukrainian War in the region.

Post-Putin Russia: Five Potential Pathways

Mark N. Katz • Jul 4 2023 • Articles

Putinism without Putin is the most likely post-status quo pathway for Russia, but this will be difficult to sustain.

The Exploitation of Ukrainians: Additional Consequences of an Armed Conflict

Sylvain Keller • Jun 15 2023 • Articles

The international community should continue to provide assistance to equip the Ukrainian judicial system to investigate and prosecute international crimes.

Interview – Marlene Laruelle

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2023 • Features

Marlene Laruelle describes how historical conceptions can act as a lens to analyse contemporary developments in Russia and its global political interactions.

The War in Ukraine: A Process Sociological Perspective on How We Got Here

Alexandros Koutsoukis • Apr 1 2023 • Articles

The war in Ukraine was ultimately the decision of Putin, but it has also been a decision embedded in an environment profoundly shaped by functional democratisation processes.

Opinion – The War in Ukraine and Food Security in Africa

Matthew Rochat • Dec 14 2022 • Articles

Before becoming the ‘next breadbasket of the world’, African leaders are right to prioritize their food security needs at home.

Interview – Philip Cunliffe

E-International Relations • Nov 19 2022 • Features

Philip Cunliffe talks about the changing nature of international conflict and humanitarian intervention, plus the role of states and institutions in peacekeeping.

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