Israel-Palestine Conflict

Review – The Last Politician

Michael Cox • Dec 14 2023 • Features

Franklin Foer does a deep dive into the first two years of the Biden Presidency, but questions arise over some conclusions in light of the impact of recent global events.

Interview – Isaac Caro Grinspun

E-International Relations • Dec 12 2023 • Features

Isaac Caro Grinspun sheds light on the escalations in the Israel-Palestine conflict and the dynamics influencing reactions to the conflict in the international community.

Opinion – The Israel/Hamas War and ‘Decolonial Washing’

David Chandler • Dec 7 2023 • Articles

Coloniality is so baked into Western state powers and institutions that attempts to take ‘short cuts’ through making ‘decolonial’ claims and statements can easily feed into existing hierarchies.

Opinion – Assessing the Legality of Ousting Hamas

Nguyen Quoc Tan Trung • Nov 21 2023 • Articles

If we insist that Israel is occupying Gaza, then the inherent right of the Israeli government to remove the Hamas administration should be recognised.

Opinion – The West’s Approach to Gaza: A Self-Imposed Existential Crisis?

Thomas Obel Hansen • Nov 16 2023 • Articles

A viable rules based order must ensure that basic humanitarian values are respected, even in the midst of armed conflict.

Gaza: A Dark History Shared by Israelis and Palestinians

Martin Duffy • Nov 7 2023 • Articles

Whether Israeli or Palestinian, the voices, and the toll of loss, have seldom seemed starker in what appears to be an insoluble conflict.

Last Exit? A Three-State Solution to the Israel-Palestinian Dispute

Martin A. Smith • Nov 3 2023 • Articles

With neither the two- or one-state options offering a practical solution, a three-state option is the last chance to negotiate a sustainable exit.

Gaza First: The Centrality of Gaza in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution

David J. Wilcox • Oct 31 2023 • Articles

The Gaza Strip has always been central to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and any political resolution to the Gaza Strip cannot deal with Gaza only.

Opinion – China’s Role in Mediating Middle East Crises

Sophie Wushuang Yi • Oct 17 2023 • Articles

As a nation with a historical consciousness of humiliation and a desire for rejuvenation, China can bring a unique perspective to the table.

Thinking Global Podcast – Dov Waxman

E-International Relations • Oct 9 2023 • Features

Dov Waxman speaks about the unfolding violence in Israel and Gaza, framing the phenomenon, the status of Palestinian refugees, causal factors, likely outcomes, and more.

Interview – Ahsan Butt

E-International Relations • Aug 14 2023 • Features

Ahsan Butt describes his theory of separatist movements, and its applicability to contemporary global conflicts and American foreign policy.

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