Greece: Between Racism and Respect for Multiculturalism

Angeliki Mitropoulou • May 24 2011 • Articles

All Greeks have to understand, before it is too late, that from now on we have to co-exist and live together with immigrants, illegal or not (but mostly the former). Therefore, this new reality has raised important questions regarding acceptance or marginalization, legalization, multiculturalism, and national security, or even sovereignty.


Harvey M. Sapolsky • May 28 2010 • Articles

The state of Arizona recently enacted a statute which allowes police officers to inquire about the immigration status of individuals they stop for other infractions of the law such as speeding or failure to yield for a pedestrian.

Africa through a Diaspora Lens

Ato Quayson • Feb 22 2010 • Articles

Even though we cannot dismiss the nation as a unit of analysis of identity, it is evident that posing the question of identity in the world today cannot be done exclusively through a nationalist lens. The sooner we take seriously the significance of the constitutive mixing of peoples, the sooner we will be able to come to a better sense of what work identities perform in the world today

Racism and violence in Northern Ireland: Romanian Roma driven out of Belfast

Marie Breen-Smyth • Jul 1 2009 • Articles

The Roma, Gypsy and Traveller Communities are the largest ethnic minority within the EU, and one that has been comprehensively failed by various initiatives to end racism targeted at them. Northern Ireland in the bad old days had very little immigration, the tide was flowing in the other direction. Today, that it is no longer the case, but it remains a comprehensively segregated society.

Migration and State-making: Explaining Xenophobia in South Africa

Peter Vale • Jul 23 2008 • Articles

What has become of the idea of the Rainbow Nation, the triumphant trope broadcast by the irrepressible Nobel Laureate, Desmond Tutu, and in which all the country’s people, under Nelson Mandela, rejoiced?

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