Thinking Global Podcast – Wendy Brown

In this week’s episode of Thinking Global, Wendy Brown speaks with the Thinking Global team. First, Professor Brown explores Nihilism as contemporary political condition, discussing her new book ‘Nihilistic Times‘, which can be found on the ⁠Harvard University Press⁠ Website. From here, the team explore the central thesis of ‘Walled States, Waning Sovereignty‘ (2010) and reflect on Professor Brown’s well-known article ‘Resisting Left Melancholy‘ (1999), prior to a short concluding discussion on Neoliberalism in the contemporary world.

Professor Wendy Brown is Professor Emerita in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley (@UCBerkeley). Professor Brown’s fields of interest include the history of political theory, feminist theory, contemporary critical theories of law, nineteenth and twentieth century Continental theory, and contemporary American political culture. She is best known for intertwining the insights of Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, Freud, Frankfurt School theorists, Foucault, and contemporary Continental philosophers to critically interrogate formations of power, political identity, citizenship, and political subjectivity in contemporary liberal democracies.

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