Ambivalence on Ukraine’s ‘De-Communisation’ Process

Martin Duffy • Dec 14 2023 • Articles

In December another Communist symbol in Kyiv toppled, but modern Ukraine has inherited a dark history that is less easy to remedy.

Opinion – Reducing Nuclear Fears to Negotiate a Winning Peace in Ukraine

Paul Alexander • Dec 12 2023 • Articles

Experts now routinely admit what few dared a year ago, Western weapons have been enough for Ukraine neither to lose or win.

The Overstretch Dilemma: Navigating the Precarious Balance of US Foreign Aid

Andrew Latham and Raymond Yu • Nov 9 2023 • Articles

The contrast in aid dynamics between Israel and Ukraine reflects not merely a resource allocation challenge but a deeper strategic prioritization conundrum.

Misplaced Certainty: NATO Hostility as Collective Common Sense Within Russia’s Leadership

Anni Roth Hjermann and Julie Wilhelmsen • Oct 5 2023 • Articles

Russia’s view of the world in terms of one big ‘Russophobic’ conspiracy theory precluded alternatives to what it deems ‘defensive’ measures.

The First War of the Anthropocene: Ukraine and the Struggle to ‘Un-Cancel the Future’

David Chandler • Sep 25 2023 • Articles

The Ukraine war is one of disavowal through which it is hoped the ‘idea’ of modernity, the idea of ‘Europe’, and the idea of ‘values’ can conceal their shabbier reality.

Opinion – The Vilnius Summit and the Future of NATO

Alexander Brotman • Jul 16 2023 • Articles

Amidst the Ukraine war, NATO is becoming increasingly more diverse and divergent as an alliance and the individual approaches of member states will continue to reflect that.

Unmasking Forcible Displacement of Childhood: A Multidimensional Analysis of Ukrainian Children

Claudia Marconi and Júlia Lira • Jul 12 2023 • Articles

An instrumentalized treatment of children’s bodies, minds, and emotions during war triggers a series of children’s rights violations.

The Exploitation of Ukrainians: Additional Consequences of an Armed Conflict

Sylvain Keller • Jun 15 2023 • Articles

The international community should continue to provide assistance to equip the Ukrainian judicial system to investigate and prosecute international crimes.

Interview Feature – Europe and War: A Conversation with Alain Finkielkraut

Petar Popović • Jun 2 2023 • Features

Petar Popović engages in dialogue with the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut on the wider implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Opinion – Ukraine and the Republican Party’s Drift from the ‘Honor Code’ of Jacksonian Diplomacy

Thomas J. Cobb • May 7 2023 • Articles

The positions of Trump and DeSantis indicate that the 2024 election will accentuate party polarisation on Ukraine.

Interview – Oleksiy Bondarenko

E-International Relations • Apr 30 2023 • Features

Oleksiy Bondarenko discusses authoritarianism in Russia and political shifts in Central Asia, including the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Interview – Anton Shirikov

E-International Relations • Apr 23 2023 • Features

Anton Shirikov talks about disinformation in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, affirmation propaganda, defensive ownership and shifts in Russia’s media.

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