Author profile: Franco Laguna Correa

Franco Laguna Correa is an Interdisciplinary Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh. Formerly, he was Assistant Professor of Latinx Cultural and Literary Studies at the University of Denver. He’s published various monographs on Latin American and Mexican subjects, and various award-winning literary works. He can be followed on Twitter at @FrancoMilitia.

La Patrulla Feminista: Feminist Grassroots Interventions in Southern Mexico

Franco Laguna Correa • Nov 1 2021 • Articles

The future success of feminists groups resides in finding points of encounter to establish a more cohesive and effective dialogue with society.

Opinion – Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez’s Diplomatic Mishap Amidst Crisis

Franco Laguna Correa • Jul 13 2021 • Articles

Amidst the social and economic decay brought by the once celebrated engineers of neoliberalism, Argentina is descending further into crisis.

Mexico’s Sowing Life Program: Deterring Immigration or Climate Change Dilemma?

Franco Laguna Correa • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

The Sowing Life Program could become a regional endeavor to contain immigration towards the North and improve people’s lives in Central America.

Opinion – COVID-19’s Wider Impact on Mexican Society

Franco Laguna Correa • May 28 2021 • Articles

The vaccination campaign, and ultimately Covid-19 itself, have been used as an attempt to legitimize the populist governing style of the president.

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