European Union

Interview – Reva Dhingra

E-International Relations • Jul 6 2023 • Features

Reva Dhingra discusses potential changes to international aid systems, and compares different international approaches to refugee crises.

Microstates and the EU: Identity, Policymaking and the Quest for an Independent Future

Curtis Large • May 21 2023 • Articles

Because Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino are on the periphery of Brussels’ institutional mechanisms, policymaking opportunities are limited.

Moldova to Host the EPC Summit: A Little Country on a Big Stage

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • May 16 2023 • Articles

President Maia Sandu will likely seize the opportunity at the European Political Community’s second summit to remind those in attendance about her country’s pro-Europe orientation.

The European Union’s Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Evanthia Balla • Apr 22 2023 • Articles

The lack of a common stance towards the crisis by Member States and the complexity of EU policy-making diminishes the value of the EU as a trustworthy regional and global player.

New Book – Policy and Politics of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Eastern Mediterranean States

Max O. Stephenson Jr. and Yannis A. Stivachtis • Apr 21 2023 • Articles

This edited volume explores whether and to what extent the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean have sought to integrate refugees of the Syrian conflict into their national societies.

Interview – Luigi Narbone

E-International Relations • Apr 13 2023 • Features

Luigi Narbone discusses the value of an EU-MENA relationship, potential avenues to strengthen it, and the challenges it faces.

Interview – Jasmin Mujanović

E-International Relations • Jan 27 2023 • Features

Jasmin Mujanović explores political developments in the Western Balkans, including the Bosnian elections, nationalism, democratic backsliding and potential EU integration.

Opinion – One Year In, Germany’s Traffic Light Coalition Already Looks Overwhelmed

Marco Bitschnau • Jan 24 2023 • Articles

With the global economy possibly sliding into a recession, the traffic light coalition is heading for a challenging 2023.

Opinion – Challenging the European Migration Agenda

Mae Thompson and Marina Grama • Dec 15 2022 • Articles

Given the failure of European governments and IGOs to adopt a human rights-based response to migration flows, what hope is there for civil society to drive change?

Opinion – Europe Has Never Been A Garden

Kayin Venner and Laila Vivas • Oct 25 2022 • Articles

Josep Borrell’s remarks on Europe representing a garden does not truly embody the virtues of liberty, equality and fraternity which is, in many ways, a jungle in its own right.

Opinion – Responsible Business Conduct in Times of War

Jernej Letnar Černič and Eva Gerritse • Oct 22 2022 • Articles

EU Member States should ensure that mandatory due diligence legislation is effective in those areas of the world where the risks of human rights violations are most severe.

Corroding Western Democracy: The Disparity Between Azerbaijan and Russia

Vahagn Avedian • Sep 15 2022 • Articles

A lack of critical reporting on Baku’s narrative has not only glossed over democratic shortcomings in Azerbaijan, but it has also helped undermine the rights of Armenians.

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