Mega Dams and the Narmada River

Stephen McGlinchey • Nov 26 2023 • Student Features

Damming is a controversial issue as it can lead to communities losing their land, and cause a series of environmental impacts that affect ecosystems.

Ashoka’s Diplomatic Odyssey: Cultivating Dharma, Fostering Healing

Patrick Olivelle • Nov 21 2023 • Articles

In numerous areas of language, culture and religion we can see the impact of this unique ruler on India’s long history.

Thinking Global Podcast – Giorgio Shani

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2023 • Features

Giorgio Shani speaks about Sikh Nationalism, The Khalistan Movement, tensions between Canada and India, comparisons with Hindu Nationalism, and conceiving a Post-Western IR.

Interview – Namrata Goswami

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2023 • Features

Namrata Goswami discusses recent advances in India’s spatial endeavours, its future plans, and potential foreign policy implications for the international community.

Psychological Othering in South Asia: Root Causes and Pathways for an Enduring Solution

While the past witnessed othering and partition, and the present carries the legacy of the past, it is not necessary that the future resembles either of these.

Opinion – Khalistan’s Impact on India-Canada Relations

Anjali Singh • Oct 15 2023 • Articles

It is critical for both India and Canada to resolve the tensions over Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing through diplomatic means and productive dialogue.

India’s Use of Buddhism: Soft Power, Soft Balancing

David Scott • Aug 31 2023 • Articles

With Narendra Modi en route to win India’s next General Election the “Buddhist” feature of Indian public diplomacy will be maintained.

Interview – Dipali Anumol

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2023 • Features

Dipali Anumol explores the possibility of a more caring IR, sexual violence in India, and the relationship between feminist activism and care practices.

Re-situating the Buffer State in International Relations: Nepal’s Relations with India and China

Bibek Chand • Jul 19 2023 • Articles

The buffer state needs to be understood as a dynamic political space wherein its agency is important in order to fully comprehend its role.

Interview – Amit Julka

E-International Relations • Jul 10 2023 • Features

Amit Julka talks about the notion of a citizen-centric IR, how common sense features in foreign policy, and the role of shared memory and micro-historical approaches.

How are Textbooks in India Reproducing the Coloniality of Knowledge?

Annapurna Menon • Jun 28 2023 • Articles

In India, textbooks create a postcolonial citizen with limited control over their own history and the Hindu narrative is deemed acceptable, with alternatives being ‘othered’.

Thinking Global Podcast – Michael Kugelman

E-International Relations • Jun 19 2023 • Features

Michael Kugelman explores both the international and regional dynamics of contemporary South Asian politics with the team, focussing on Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

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