What Do We Know about Alliances and Military Spending?  

Joshua Alley and Brian Blankenship • Oct 21 2023 • Articles

In the face of direct threats, where potential opponents are carefully weighing alliance credibility, calling alliance commitment into question may increase the risk of costly wars.

Thinking Global Podcast – Megan MacKenzie

E-International Relations • Oct 16 2023 • Features

Megan MacKenzie speaks about Military Sexual Violence, military exceptionalism, media coverage, the ethics of data collection, and why soldiers swap illicit pictures.

Opinion – Poland’s Territorial Defense Forces: A Solution for Revitalizing Canada’s Reservists

Zachariah Parcels • Jun 5 2023 • Articles

Establishing a territorial defense force could help Canada reclaim its international status as it would rejoin its partners in rebuffing hybridized threats.

Interview – Katharine Millar

E-International Relations • Jan 12 2023 • Features

Katharine Millar highlights the importance of gendered narratives and norms to the study of international politics, particularly violence, militarism, and cybersecurity.

Review – Watermelon Democracy

Arushi Singh • Oct 8 2022 • Features

This book explores the overpromised and underdelivered nature of democracy in Egypt, and questions the contribution of various factors.

Why India Needs a Gender Policy for its Armed Forces

Kiran Chauhan • Nov 23 2021 • Articles

The impediments to women’s integration in the Indian military are rooted in gender biases and specific constructs of femininities and masculinities.

Military Honor in the Twenty-First Century: Some Contemporary Challenges

Francisco Lobo • May 25 2021 • Articles

Military honor is a concept that elicits an interpretive attitude and therefore can evolve to accommodate new contents and meanings.

Opinion – The Diplomatic Challenges for Humanity in Space

Obinna Chukwu • Dec 2 2020 • Articles

If we do not develop a united and ethical basis for exploring space that goes beyond national interests it could be our undoing as a species.

Russian Military Aggression or ‘Civil War’ in Ukraine?

Taras Kuzio • Nov 27 2020 • Articles

Putin’s inability to comprehend his mistakes and his longevity in power for another sixteen years make the chances for peace low.

‘Press the Reset Button:’ Right-Wing Extremism in Germany’s Military

Tobias Hof • Sep 18 2020 • Articles

Countering right-wing extremism within the armed forces requires a broad strategy which takes into account the rise of right-wing extremism in all aspects of German life.

Doom, Boom or Hibernation? Covid-19 and the Defense Industry

Johan Eriksson and Giampiero Giacomello • Jul 7 2020 • Articles

The disruption of global value chains is devastating for smaller and more niche companies. Bigger and more diversified players seem to be faring better.

The Remote Warfare Paradox: Democracies, Risk Aversion and Military Engagement

Jolle Demmers and Lauren Gould • Jun 20 2020 • Articles

Western democracies’ claims to the moral high ground in respect to the brutality of war are uncalled for. There is no such thing as sophisticated violence.

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