Author profile: Kostas A. Lavdas and Panagiota Chatzilymperi

Kostas A. Lavdas is Professor of European and Comparative Politics and Director of the Graduate Program in International Relations and Strategic Studies at Panteion University. Formerly, he was Constantine Karamanlis Professor of Hellenic and European Studies at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA and Senior Research Fellow at LSE, UK. He has published extensively in English, German, and Greek on European politics, comparative foreign policy, transatlantic relations, and applied political theory. He has been a consultant to public and private organizations, has served as a board member at various research centers and think tanks and as chairman of the scientific committee for the content of the examinations required for the acquisition of Greek citizenship at the Ministry of Interior.

Panagiota Chatzilymperi holds a Ph.D. in the Department of International, European, and Regional Studies at Panteion University and has contributed and presented at the international conference of ERGOMAS as she also participated in various seminars. She has studied at Panteion University, specializing in Political Science and History, with postgraduate studies in International Relations and Strategic Studies.

The West and Turkish Aspirations: Limits of the Liberal Gaze

Kostas A. Lavdas and Panagiota Chatzilymperi • Nov 14 2023 • Articles

Relations between Turkey and the West appear to be unpredictable, whilst optimism on Muslim democracy is on the wane.

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