Author profile: Craig R. Myers

Craig R. Myers worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers in Alabama and Florida for more than 25 years. A graduate of Troy University, he is studying in MTSU’s MA in International Affairs programme. He also has taught reporting classes and earned a degree in Russian. Myers is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha political science Honor Society and the Society of Professional Journalists. He is the author of War of the Words: The True but Strange Story of the Gulf Breeze UFO. He can be found on Twitter @CraigRMyers.

Opinion – Signed, Sealed and Irrelevant: The Impact of the Budapest Memorandum

Craig R. Myers • Apr 19 2022 • Articles

The Budapest Memorandum worked in the short-term by de-nuclearizing a former Soviet state, but proved worthless in deterring Russian aggression.

Debating the Legacies of James M. Buchanan and Neoliberalism

Craig R. Myers • Dec 28 2021 • Articles

In recent years, neoliberal scholars have sought to defend the idea’s foundations and founders against academic attacks.

Opinion – The Status of China’s Confucius Institutes in American Universities

Craig R. Myers • Oct 27 2021 • Articles

Regardless of the context, the PRC’s PR professionals did not need an office on American campuses as Great Power competition moves beyond the soft power stage.

“Checkbook Citizenship”: Renewed Relevance for the Nottebohm Ruling

Craig R. Myers • Oct 5 2020 • Essays

The Nottebohm case has seen renewed relevance in the debate over “checkbook citizenship”—which offers a fast track to a passport in exchange for investment in that state.

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