You and I

You and I were one of a kind

I was yours and you were mine

Like honey to the bee

We were never apart

We had our ways to love

There wasn’t a pair like us

In all the world to find

You and I were meant to be.

Once Again

If you would love me
Once again
Ignite the quenched flame
Of our love
Revived from the ashes.

If you would tell me
Once again
That you love me only
Your words, sweeter than honey
Will make fireworks.

I would go crazy
Once again
My mind lost and wandering
In your love
Only to be found by you.

‘Twill be soon
When love will find us
The years will mend
And our hearts will bind
Once again.

Life gave me you

Life gave me you
To calm my feelings of blue
Yea, life sprouts love anew
My heart watered by your dew.

Not a gift tied with the bows
But bits and pieces
To the doorstep of my heart
I knew you were gold inside.

A treasure to last
When the years go by
Life gave me you
So forever you I choose.

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