Someday you’ll find the one
Who’ll love you and not know why.
And you’ll be the only star among the stars in their night

They’ll find beauty in you;
The kind that is rare
And the things you hate about yourself,
Will be the things they’ll love.

Maybe you’ll find ‘em and it’ll feel like fireworks
The kind that sparks a great love story
Or like the wind
Sweetly and softly embracing you

When you’ve found the One who is Love
Now Love will find you.
Someday you’ll find the one
The one who’ll stay.



I wonder the feeling

On the eve of your wedding day

And in the morning when you wake up

When you see your wedding dress hung up

When the whole world seems to stop for you.


I wonder the feeling

When you are getting ready

Ribbons and flowers everywhere

And then you put on that beautiful dress

You will feel like a princess I’m sure

When the whole world seems to stop for you.


I wonder the feeling

When you wear the veil

When it flows down your face

To hide your beauty only for a while

Until your prince unveils you

Yes, the whole world will stop for you.


I wonder the feeling

Down the aisle to meet your prince

Oh, it must be the best feeling!

When he takes your hand

‘Tis the feeling of love

And God Himself is pleased.


Please don’t hurt my heart

Don’t sentence it

At least not intentionally

To a prison of pain and death

For when my heart gets suicidal

I myself die with it.


In the newness of love
I found myself falling deep
A taste of its sweet poison
The awakening of love
Like rain in the harmattan
My dry cracked heart welcomed love.
A strong self now weakened
The walls of pain broken
Its sweetness like an epidermic
Quickly sweeping through the heart
Yet, like an awakening
Reviving the emotions from the dead.

You and I

You and I were one of a kind

I was yours and you were mine

Like honey to the bee

We were never apart

We had our ways to love

There wasn’t a pair like us

In all the world to find

You and I were meant to be.

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