Just One Question

Someday when I see you again
I’ll have just one question
I wish to show you
The many written letters

I wrote you many letters
I wish you had read them
I read them to myself
And one day I just burnt them

I hope to tell you
Of how much it used to hurt
Many times my heart missed a beat
When I heard your name
It’s been some seven years
But I have just one question
Do you think of me sometimes?
I wish you had read my letters
When I do see you again
I’ll ask just one question
I hope you’d want to talk
I hope you’ll see my scarred heart.

Once Again

If you would love me
Once again
Ignite the quenched flame
Of our love
Revived from the ashes.

If you would tell me
Once again
That you love me only
Your words, sweeter than honey
Will make fireworks.

I would go crazy
Once again
My mind lost and wandering
In your love
Only to be found by you.

‘Twill be soon
When love will find us
The years will mend
And our hearts will bind
Once again.

The years beneath the trees

Did you forget our years beneath the trees?
When we were young and green,
Did you forget we said we’d love each other forever?
That we’d hold on to our love?
But you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

Beneath the trees where our love blossomed
Don’t you remember?
Where we promised each other
Our love for now and the years yonder.
But you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

The years seem wasted
Of a love once tasted
Our tree now withers
It no more watered with our love.
Because you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

If you’ll only remember
The promises, our love ways
The sun and rain days
Yet safe under love’s canopy.
Did you forget?
‘Twill be intentional to not remember
The years beneath the trees.

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