As far back as I can remember
You’ve always saved my world
You must be a superwoman
To do all the things you do.

You are everything, all at the same time
That it seems you’ve a thousand hands
You’ve got the ‘Midas touch’
Supermom, that’s who you are!

Angels on assignment
God’s representatives on earth
Every Mom is a special star
That makes a home shine so bright.

So not only on one special day
Should a mother be praised
For every mother is a superhero
A supermom in disguise.

The years beneath the trees

Did you forget our years beneath the trees?
When we were young and green,
Did you forget we said we’d love each other forever?
That we’d hold on to our love?
But you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

Beneath the trees where our love blossomed
Don’t you remember?
Where we promised each other
Our love for now and the years yonder.
But you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

The years seem wasted
Of a love once tasted
Our tree now withers
It no more watered with our love.
Because you did forget
You forgot me
Said you loved me no more.

If you’ll only remember
The promises, our love ways
The sun and rain days
Yet safe under love’s canopy.
Did you forget?
‘Twill be intentional to not remember
The years beneath the trees.

I thought of you

I thought I should write you a song,
This thought for which I find nothing wrong.
A song that will make you smile,
And let you know I thought of you a while.
But what if you didn’t like to sing,
Then my song would mean to you nothing more.

So I thought I should probably phone,
To let you know you aren’t alone.
For you have in me a friend,
Who loves you for a reason you can’t comprehend.
But what if you didn’t want to hear my voice,
Then I guess I would have no choice.

Then I thought of a letter,
Which perhaps would make you feel better.
But what if I wrote the wrong words,
And hurt your heart to the worst;
I really couldn’t lose a friend so dear,
For it’s something I couldn’t bear.

But then I thought a poem was best.
A thought, which filled my mind with great zest.
Again, who would have thought I was writing a poem,
Which sincerely in God’s holy name I plead,
That you’d for this poem spare time to read;
Truly to know, that I thought of you.

A night with my love

In the bath yet another evening,
Preparing for a night with my love.
With the sweet scents of Arabian perfume;
A body creamed to tenderness,
And in that silky-laced nightdress,
In wait for my love.

On the softness of a bed,
Covered with red flowered sheets,
And pillows stuffed with the softest pillowfeathers;
In wait for my love.

Of hair let loose onto the shoulders,
A head laid on that soft pillow;
In wait for sleep,
Sleep to come take me to the world of dreams,
Where my love will be waiting for me.

My love, a true definition of a man;
He’s an “Adonis” indeed.
Of kisses not of this earth,
And lovemaking that could only meet heaven.
A night of love;
A night with my love, him only.
Until morn, when we depart.
But I will surely meet my love again,
In my dreams yet another night,
Where he only will be.

The Reason

The reason the sky is blue
‘Tis reason I have no clue.
The reason the clouds are white
‘Tis wonder I can not recite.

The reason it’s you I love
‘Tis reason the God who knows is above.
For reason could be no treason;
Only reason for the world’s confusion.

For the reason the sky is blue
Is reason I have found no clue.
And the reason the clouds are snow
Is reason I will nev’r know.

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