I thought of you

I thought I should write you a song,
This thought for which I find nothing wrong.
A song that will make you smile,
And let you know I thought of you a while.
But what if you didn’t like to sing?
Then my song would mean to you nothing more.

So I thought I should probably phone,
To let you know you aren’t alone.
For you have in me a friend,
Who loves you for a reason you can’t comprehend.
But what if you didn’t want to hear my voice?
Then I guess I would have no choice.

Then I thought of a letter,
Which perhaps would make you feel better.
But what if I wrote the wrong words?
And hurt your heart to the worst;
I really couldn’t lose a friend so dear,
For it’s something I couldn’t bear.

But then I thought a poem was best.
A thought, which filled my mind with great zest.
Again, who would have thought I was writing a poem,
Which sincerely in God’s holy name I plead,
That you’d for this poem spare time to read;
Truly to know, that I thought of you.


2 responses to “I thought of you”

  1. Ruben Amorrow Dusu Avatar
    Ruben Amorrow Dusu

    gud one there.pls i want to be ur friend on facebk cos i love ur deep insight in the tinz of God,pls cos i can’t send u a friend request.thanks.

    1. Thanks Ruben. It will be my pleasure. Are you using this exact name on facebook? Or you can give me your email too. I’ll add you as a friend …

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