A night with my love

In the bath yet another evening,
Preparing for a night with my love.
With the sweet scents of Arabian perfume;
A body creamed to tenderness,
And in that silky-laced nightdress,
In wait for my love.

On the softness of a bed,
Covered with red flowered sheets,
And pillows stuffed with the softest pillowfeathers;
In wait for my love.

Of hair let loose onto the shoulders,
A head laid on that soft pillow;
In wait for sleep,
Sleep to come take me to the world of dreams,
Where my love will be waiting for me.

My love, a true definition of a man;
He’s an “Adonis” indeed.
Of kisses not of this earth,
And lovemaking that could only meet heaven.
A night of love;
A night with my love, him only.
Until morn, when we depart.
But I will surely meet my love again,
In my dreams yet another night,
Where he only will be.


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