Opinion – Turkey’s May Elections Are about Regime Change

Toni Alaranta • May 4 2023 • Articles

The determining factor of this historic election, ultimately, is the acceptance or rejection of Erdoğan.

Review – Meddling in the Ballot Box

Tobias Lemke • Apr 9 2023 • Features

This timely and important book presents a well-supported and persuasive account of how geopolitical interests are advanced via electoral intervention.

Interview – Dov H. Levin

E-International Relations • Dec 21 2022 • Features

Dov Levin discusses electoral interventions, particularly in US elections, the role of cyberattacks and how governments can protect their electoral processes.

Opinion – Coming in from the Soviet Cold: Feminist Politics in Kazakhstan

Martin Duffy • Dec 9 2022 • Articles

In Kazakhstan, there is now a well-organized feminist network. There are however limitations to the growth of feminist politics.

Review – Watermelon Democracy

Arushi Singh • Oct 8 2022 • Features

This book explores the overpromised and underdelivered nature of democracy in Egypt, and questions the contribution of various factors.

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