Constructivism and the United Nations

Stephen McGlinchey and Dana Gold • Nov 30 2023 • Student Features

Constructivists see organisations like the United Nations as places where they can study the emergence of new norms and examine the activities of those who are spreading new ideas.


Stephen McGlinchey and Dana Gold • May 20 2022 • Online resources

Constructivists highlight the importance of values and shared interests between individuals who interact on the global stage, as well as social norms that bring them together.

The Case for a New Constructivism in International Relations Theory

David M. McCourt • Apr 19 2022 • Articles

Constructivists, of all the types of IR scholars, should be able to see how professions and social spaces work, and hence what they do to (and with) intellectual movements, like Constructivism.

Interview – Tom Le

E-International Relations • Feb 10 2022 • Features

Tom Le explores the meaning of militarism, military recruitment strategies in Japan, and the US presence and security in East Asia.

A Constructivist Approach to Maritime Spaces

Marcelo M. Valença and Daniel Edler Duarte • Sep 11 2021 • Articles

Maritime spaces are political zones. In these spaces, agents manifest their interests and pursue their strategies based on the distribution of material and ideational resources.

Constructivism and ‘First Encounters’: A Critique

Erik Ringmar • Aug 30 2020 • Articles

Constructivists are mistaken to only look at the interpreted, verbalized, aspects of international encounters. Our investigations must study what our bodies know and the suggestions they make.

A Brief Overview of Alexander Wendt’s Constructivism

Zhan Mengshu • May 19 2020 • Articles

Wendt’s work enhances understandings of identities and interests – expanding IR’s understanding of anarchy and of phenomena not explained well by other theories.

Review – The Value of Everything

Brianna Nicole Hernandez • May 14 2020 • Features

With an eclectic view on the economy, Mazzucato constructs a complex configuration of value creation beyond the tangible.

Interview – Zeynep N. Kaya

E-International Relations • May 11 2020 • Features

Zeynep Kaya tackles the repercussions of the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria, the position of women in Iraqi Kurdistan and the recovery of Yazidi communities.

The Virtue of Being Small: An Analysis of Luxembourg’s Defence Strategy

Christian Nikolaus Braun • Mar 20 2020 • Articles

Not only has Luxembourg prospered economically, but is has also been able to maintain its political sovereignty and territorial integrity at a very low cost.

Review – Quantum Mind and Social Science

Rainer Ricardo • Mar 10 2020 • Features

Alexander Wendt claims the supremacy of scientific realism by establishing a synthesis between two irreconcilable ontologies: the physical and social.

Climate Ideas as Drivers of Pacific Islands’ Regional Politics and Cooperation

Athaulla A. Rasheed • Jan 15 2020 • Articles

An ideational approach to regional politics can better inform how climate ideas have shaped the Pacific Islands in driving their regional agenda.

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