Digital Diplomacy

The Twitter Prisoner Dilemma and the Future of Digital Diplomacy

Corneliu Bjola, Ilan Manor and Bar Fishman • Dec 16 2023 • Articles

The Twitter dilemma may represent the opening salvo of a digital cold war between states and big tech companies.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Diplomacy

Lala Jafarova • Aug 1 2023 • Articles

The opportunities of using artificial intelligence in statecraft point to the parallel emergence of serious challenges that will have to be addressed.

Review – Russia’s Public Diplomacy: Evolution and Practice

Olga Krasnyak • Oct 22 2019 • Features

This volume highlights historical approaches as well as the distinct features of Russia’s public diplomacy, such as its positioning as the guardian of traditional values.

Recognition in Global Politics: The Challenge of Images and Technology

Constance Duncombe • Sep 5 2018 • Articles

While the role of recognition in world politics is ever more acknowledged, the technological and visual aspect of this process requires much greater consideration.

Interview – Rebecca Adler-Nissen

E-International Relations • Mar 28 2018 • Features

Prof. Adler-Nissen discusses recent changes in international and EU diplomacy, concepts of stigmatisation and misrecognition, a ‘practice turn’ in EU studies and Brexit.

Russian Soft Power Under Construction

Oleg Shakirov • Feb 14 2013 • Articles

Prospects for a fully-fledged, globally-oriented Russian soft power strategy are promising. But this change of attitude seems to be coming from the top down.

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