Author profile: Wilder Alejandro Sánchez

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez is president of Second Floor Strategies, a consulting firm in Washington, D.C. He is an analyst who monitors defense, geopolitical, and trade issues across the Western Hemisphere, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. He has monitored Moldovan affairs for over a decade.

Opinion – An Environmental Focus for US-Central Asia Relations

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Nov 29 2023 • Articles

Central Asia faces several environmental challenges, some natural and others human-made, which will be exacerbated by climate change.

Opinion – Biden Should Visit Moldova

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Nov 13 2023 • Articles

A consequence of the war in Ukraine has been an increase in Moldova’s international image, and a presidential visit can take bilateral relations to the next level.

Opinion – Environmental Loss and Repression in Iran

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Aug 15 2023 • Articles

Environmental challenges in Iran, like dangerous levels of air pollution in Tabriz, the pollution of the Aras River, and the dying Lake Urmia, make the life of Azerbaijanis even worse.

Moldova to Host the EPC Summit: A Little Country on a Big Stage

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • May 16 2023 • Articles

President Maia Sandu will likely seize the opportunity at the European Political Community’s second summit to remind those in attendance about her country’s pro-Europe orientation.

Opinion – Moldova’s Sandu Seeks Support for a Pro-EU Path

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Apr 18 2023 • Articles

After months of protests organized by Moscow-friendly parties, Sandu is pushing back to demonstrate that her EU-friendly policies have public backing.

Opinion – Moldova and Romania’s Unification is Not on the Horizon

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Feb 12 2023 • Articles

Despite pro-unification sentiments there is no official ongoing process – only occasional polls and statements by policymakers.

Opinion – Rwandan Support for M23 Rebels Cannot Continue

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Jan 10 2023 • Articles

Kigali’s sponsoring of proxy warfare in Eastern DRC via the March 23 Movement demonstrates that President Kagame is a security liability.

Opinion – Energy Security: Moldova’s Quest for New Suppliers

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Dec 12 2022 • Articles

Moldova is steering towards a new energy security strategy, but its effectiveness will depend on the management of short and long-term political concerns.

Opinion – Supply Chains and War: The Importance of Baku’s Port

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Aug 4 2022 • Articles

As the war in Ukraine continues, Azerbaijan’s Port of Baku stands out as a critical transportation node that unites Central Asia with the Caucasus, Turkey and Europe.

Mustafa Shokay and the Soviet Propaganda Machine

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Dec 24 2021 • Articles

The restoration of Shokay’s name and legacy should serve as an encouragement to further research the role of Central Asian individuals during Soviet times and to help separate fact from fiction.

The Lasting Repercussions of Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Disarmament

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Nov 17 2021 • Articles

30 years post disarmament it is important for Kazakhstan to share its post-nuclear record so that the global community can lobby more effectively for the reduction of nuclear weapons elsewhere.

Opinion – The ICC and Non-State Actors in the Xinjiang Crisis

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez • Jul 15 2021 • Articles

Amidst inaction, Beijing will have more opportunities to use its influence on the international community to stop investigations and deflect accusations.

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