Author profile: Moises de Souza, Gregory Coutaz and Dean Karalekas

Moises de Souza obtained his PhD from the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. Currently, he is Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies at the School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies and Chair of the Northern England Policy Centre for the Asia Pacific (NEPCAP) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). He is also Researcher in Asia Studies at the International Relations Research Centre of the University of São Paulo (NUPRI-GEASIA) and deputy-director of the South China Sea Think Tank (SCSSTT). Additionally, he is also Asia Pacific Viewpoint Journal Editor-in-Chief (SCCI).

Gregory Coutaz is a Swiss political scientist. He holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Lausanne and a MAS in Asian Studies from the University of Geneva. Living in Taiwan since 2008, he received his PhD from the National Chengchi University and currently works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations at Tamkang University. His major areas of research include comparative politics, conflict resolution, and non-traditional security. He is the author of Coping with Disaster Risk Management in Northeast Asia (2018).

Dean Karalekas is a research fellow at the Centre of Austronesian Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, having earned his PhD from the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. He is the author of The Men in No Man’s Land: A Journey into Bir Tawil and Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan: Identity and Transformation. He is also an ethnographic and narrative filmmaker, having produced, written and directed several award-winning films on a diversity of subjects, from the Canadian experience in World War II to indigenous mythology.

New Book – Asian Territorial and Maritime Disputes: A Critical Introduction

Covering the the South China Sea, the Senkaku/Diaoyu and Kuril Islands, Dokdo/Takeshima, Taiwan and Sino-Indian border issues, this book introduces and critiques the maritime and territorial disputes in the Indo-Pacific.

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