Thinking Global Podcast – Giorgio Shani

E-International Relations • Nov 20 2023 • Features

Giorgio Shani speaks about Sikh Nationalism, The Khalistan Movement, tensions between Canada and India, comparisons with Hindu Nationalism, and conceiving a Post-Western IR.

Buddhist Nationalism and Extremism in Myanmar and North America

Brenna Artinger • Aug 31 2023 • Articles

While Buddhist nationalists are more oriented toward sustaining the religious identity of their state, Buddhist extremists feel that their political identities are being challenged.

Opinion – The Plain Sight Threat to NATO, Turkey, and Turanism

Andrew Latham and Audun Sundeen • Jul 17 2023 • Articles

Turkish advances towards the new alliance continue, and NATO powers have done little to counterbalance the Turkish drift towards a new ideology that threatens their disappearance from NATO altogether.

National Imprint in IR Theory: The Global and the Exceptional of the ‘Russian Idea’

Andrei P. Tsygankov • Jun 1 2023 • Articles

Taking civilizational diversity seriously requires recognition that the global does not exist except as a constant interaction between various local communities.

United Moderate Religion vs. Secular and Religious Extremes?

Patricia Sohn • Apr 3 2023 • Articles

One can avoid the pitfalls of religion by acknowledging its importance at the macro-level for the greater good of national unity across a plural U.S. social fabric.

Interview – Jasmin Mujanović

E-International Relations • Jan 27 2023 • Features

Jasmin Mujanović explores political developments in the Western Balkans, including the Bosnian elections, nationalism, democratic backsliding and potential EU integration.

Interview – Stephen Zunes

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2022 • Features

Stephen Zunes outlines the situation in Western Sahara, as well as the rationale and consequences of US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty.

Review – Nationalisms in International Politics

Jaakko Heiskanen • Oct 23 2022 • Features

Kathleen Powers provides a timely overview of the different types of nationalism and their impact, but the theoretical framework and proposed binaries remain problematic.

The ‘Erasure of Nationalism’ and International Relations

Tatiana Vargas Maia • Jun 8 2022 • Articles

Nationalism has been fundamental in structuring the international system, and continues to change and transform it today.

Opinion – The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on European Nationalism

David Pimenta • May 11 2022 • Articles

A revival of nationalism across Europe is a scenario that should not be excluded, especially if the economy deteriorates and insecurity increases.

Interview – Jason Dittmer

E-International Relations • Nov 7 2021 • Features

Jason Dittmer discusses what the discipline of Geography can bring to IR, the relationship between popular culture and International Relations, and media as a vessel for nationalism.

Review – Embattled Dreamlands: The Politics of Contesting Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish Memory

Mark Levene • May 11 2021 • Features

Leupold deals with the complex relationships between Armenians, Kurds and Turks, uncovering the nuances of memory, nationalism and conflict.

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