Interview – Felix Rösch

E-International Relations • Nov 23 2023 • Features

Felix Rösch elucidates the role of transcultural contexts in shaping the international order over time, and how they should receive more focus among scholars of IR.

Realism, Liberalism and War

Stephen McGlinchey and Dana Gold • Nov 22 2023 • Student Features

Realists and liberals are divided when it comes to understanding why war exists, and what can be done about it.

Review – The Justification of War and International Order

Ananya Sharma • Nov 17 2023 • Features

This edited collection explores the evolving justifications of war on the international stage, but does not engage with newer factors such as the use of social media.

Review – Artificial Intelligence and International Relations Theories

Amelia C. Arsenault • Oct 24 2023 • Features

Ndzendze and Marwala elucidate the impact of artificial intelligence on international relations theories, but fail to delve into AI’s unique features at key points.

Thinking Global Podcast – Seán Molloy

E-International Relations • Sep 26 2023 • Features

Seán Molloy speaks about Realist Ethics, E.H.Carr, how Realism is not amoral, the inconsistent ethics of Realism, and where other ‘Realists’ fit into this.

The Half-Truth of Western Political Realism: A Buddhist Critique

William J. Long • Aug 31 2023 • Articles

A Buddhist approach to today’s international challenges represents an ancient, yet innovative, way of thinking about our social worlds.

Review – The Atlantic Realists

Felix Rösch • Feb 5 2023 • Features

Matthew Specter attempts to broaden our understanding of the history of international relations, but fails to classify the theoretical schools to which key actors belong.

Returning to Realism: The Other Face of the Ukraine Crisis

Mohamed Mahad D. Darar • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

An upgrade in US thinking to view Russia as a contemporary country with present-day policy goals as opposed to just an irredentist dying regime should be considered.

Theories of Global Politics

Kevin Bloor • May 15 2022 • Articles

A beginner’s guide to realism and liberalism, incorporating insights from some of the critical theoretical paradigms within International Relations.

From Ukraine to Taiwan: Legacy as a Driver of Foreign Policy Behaviour

Chietigj Bajpaee • Mar 9 2022 • Articles

With global attention focussed on Ukraine, Xi’s efforts to reinstate a Sino-centric regional order by recovering ‘lost lands’, including Taiwan should not be overlooked.

Review – Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism

Felix Rösch • Jul 22 2021 • Features

Schuett’s work highlights Kelsen’s often overlooked contributions to IR, but raises questions over the conflation of strands of realist thought and the pessimism of mid-century thinkers.

Realist Perspectives on Trump’s Illiberal Counterrevolution

Petar Popović • Mar 25 2021 • Articles

What Trump achieved in his four years as president was to expose the hypocrisy of Liberal hegemony and mark a new era of ideas and practices that have yet to be internalized.

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